Putatively, the descendants of the Jonathan Baughman who migrated from Nimishillin Twp. in Stark Co. to Van Buren Twp. in Hancock Co. prior to the Civil War are triply-descended from the Bachmans of the town of Richterswil in Canton Zurich, Switzerland. "Putative" because recent DNA testing has disclosed that the father of Judge Henry Bachman (1759-1850) of Columbiana Co. was not a Bachman, indicating the occurrence of a non- parental event (NPE). Since it is not known whether the NPE was an undisclosed adoption or an event of a different kind, it is not possible to say whether Judge Bachman had the same mother as his nominal siblings. But, since Judge Bachman's wife and the wife of his son Henry were both Bachman descendants, the progeny of Jonathan are nonetheless double Richterswil Bachman descendants, although Y-chromosome DNA testing will not disclose this fact. The surname associated with that chromosome may become known if the DNA testing company accumulates big enough a collection of samples.

George (1686-1753) m. Anna Maria Schnably (1698-1776)
Henry (b. 1717) m. Elizabeth ---
Henry (1759-1850) m. Esther Bachman (b. 1756)
Henry Jr. (1788-aft. 1870) m. (1) Elizabeth Oberholtzer (1794-1816); (2) Susannah Mathias (b. ca. 1796)
Jonathan (1812-1879) m. (1) --- Gettle; (2) Nancy Weir Eagleson (1825-1917)
Robert W. (1858-1910) m. (1) Isadore Rodabaugh (1860-1883); (2) Etta Kibler (1860-1940)